Ways To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

As weird as it may appear, there comes a time you will need to know how to grind weed without using a grinder. It is true that a grinder does a great job, but can break down, be stolen, get lost, and you have no cash to buy a new one immediately. Fortunately, there are several items in your household you can use to chop buds into small pieces, which will just work fine for now. No matter the reason for not having a grinder, the following are some suggestions on how to grind weed. You will find these methods simple and cost effective.

Simple weed grinding methods

Coin and medicine bottle

There is a great cht2gef63wyef7u2e8i292ance that you have got medicine bottles somewhere in your house. You should empty the bottle and clean it. Then, fill it with bud and a clean coin. Close your bottle and start to shake vigorously. It will take some time, but buds will break up nicely. It is just like a grinder that does its work.

Scissors and shot glass

It is a good chance that there is a shot glass in your home. Just give it some cleaning and take a pair of scissors. Place buds in a shot glass and begin snipping away at the buds. You will find this method to be very simple and amazing way of grinding weed into small pieces.

Knife and cutting board

It is time you take your weed to kitchen and put it on clean cutting board. You can check the drawer where you place utensils and get a sharp knife. Just like the manner in which you could chop vegetables for the salad, keep on chopping your buds until you get a nice blend. The reason to getting your herb into equal and small pieces is using non-serrated knife.

Coffee grinder

This is a great method itg23erfhw3edf7c8ed29i2f you have a lot of weed. In this case, a coffee grinder is the right method. If buds are left in grinder for quite long, you are likely to end up with powder-like consistency. Just run it for some seconds and then start cleaning your grinder. Ensure you clean your coffee grinder before it is used to brew coffee.

Use your fingers

Several years back, weed smokers used their fingers to break up the buds. Although it may appear quite primitive today, it is a great method if you do not have a grinder and the above methods. You only need to smash and squeeze your buds until the ground is fine enough to use rolling papers.